Reigning Queens

UK Power Pageant Queens

Miss International UK 2018/19 – Sharon Gaffka

Sharon Gaffka, from Oxfordshire, showed she has exactly what it takes to represent the UK when she dazzled the judges and won the title of Miss International UK!

Miss International UK - Sharon Gaffka

Miss Intercontinental England 2018/19 – Sarah Davies

Sarah Davies, from Leeds, wowed the judges on stage and in her interview and showed she has what it takes to represent her country and won the title of Miss Intercontinental England! Sarah also won the Miss Bootcamp Beauty award for performing the best at the UKPP bootcamp session!

Miss Intercontinental England - Sarah Davies

Miss Intercontinental Scotland 2018/19 – Laura Macmillan

Laura Macmillan, from Glasgow, strutted her stuff on stage and showed the judges that she deserved to win the Miss Intercontinental Scotland crown!

Miss Intercontinental Scotland - Laura Macmillan

Miss Intercontinental Wales 2018/19 – Joey Staerkle

Joey Staerkle, from Llandudno, looked beautiful on stage and saw off the very tough competition from women from across the country to be crowned Miss Intercontinental Wales!

Miss Intercontinental Wales - Joey Staerkle

Miss Grand England 2018/19 – Christina Baker

Christina Baker, from Stoke on Trent, shone on stage and impressed the judges during her interview and showed the them why she deserves to be our Miss Grand England!

Miss Grand England - Christina Baker

Miss Grand Scotland 2018/19 – Olivia McPike

Olivia McPike, from Falkirk, looked incredible on the Power Pageant stage and fought off tough competition to win the Miss Grand Scotland crown!

Miss Intercontinental Scotland - Olivia McPike

Miss Grand Wales 2018/19 – Lauren Parkinson

Lauren Parkinson, from Wrexham, blew the judges away on stage and showed them exactly why she deserved to win the Miss Grand Wales crown!

Miss Grand Wales - Lauren Parkinson

Photographs courtesy of Brian Hayes