World Supermodel UK, Brittany Hargreaves, collected a sponsorship donation for her 10k run!

Brittany Hargreaves, our gorgeous World Supermodel UK is busy training for her 10k Run which will take place in February!

Brittany recently went to Anar Kali to collect a cheque they generously donated towards her fundraising!

‘I would just like to thank the owners of Anar Kali, Yasin Ali + Salma Khanom Ali for sponsoring me £200 for the 10K winter run I will be completing in February.

For those who have never been to Anar Kali I would definitely recommend it, such a friendly atmosphere, polite staff and the food is amazing!!!

Thank you once again.’

What a lovely appearance, well done Brittany!

World Supermodel UK, Brittany Hargreaves