Miss Intercontinental England, Laura Gregory, recently attended a reunion for her Sahara Trek team!

Laura Gregory, Miss Intercontinental England, recently attended a reunion which was organised for a team she was a part of who completed a Sahara trek for charity!

Laura had a great evening at the reunion and got to meet all of the other team members’ friends and family!

Here’s what Laura had to say about her evening:

‘We had a reunion for everyone that took part in the Sahara trek we found we have raised very close to £72,000 as a team by getting sponsored for the trek, the money all goes towards preventative education so hopefully no child feels like they have no choice but to runaway, this was an incredibly proud moment for us all to share with our close friends and family. We also played some fun quizzes and got to meet each other’s families my new little friend Chloe thinks I’m a princess and invited me to join her in Disneyland in Florida next year bless her!’

Where so glad you had an amazing night, well done Laura!