Miss East Birmingham International, Christine Quinney-Spencer, recently organised her own sponsored walk in aid of The Christie!

Christine Quinney-Spencer, Miss East Birmingham International, recently organised a sponsored walk in aid of The Christie!

It was a huge success and Christine had such an amazing time, here’s what she had to say about her day:

‘I organized a sponsored walk around our local park (Elmdon park) and nature reserve, to raise awareness and money for the charity. I got my friends daughter and her friends involved, we made sponsor forms; requested money buckets, tshirts and balloons from the charity; and we all then went and got sponsored to walk round the park doing a distance of about 3 miles, which for school kids is an achievement as they don’t walk further than their local shop! We all had fun and made a lot of awareness to the local dog walkers and park goers, both representing the Christie charity and myself as Miss East Birmingham International. We happily raised: £234 (maybe more as not all the sponsor money came in)!’

What a great appearance, well done Christine!