Miss Brighton International, Marra Murphy, recently made a special appearance at the Royal Sussex County Hospital!

Marra Murphy, Miss Brighton International, has recently made a very special appearance at the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton!

Here’s what Marra had to say about her wonderful appearance:

‘I recently made an appearance at the Royal Sussex county hospital in Brighton. I chose to make donations to my local hospital as the NHS makes a great impact to people‚Äôs lives and I would like to be a part of that and help support them in their work. Therefore I asked my mum, who is currently a healthcare assistant at the Royal Sussex County Hospital how I could help. She told me items that her ward and other wards are always in need of. These included: shower gels, shampoos, Fixodent etc. and also that the discharge lounge was also in need of cardigans and other items of clothing for when the patients leave the hospital. This is why I chose to donate these items in hope that it helps the staff with their everyday work and also for the comfort of the patients to help make their lives a little easier.

I was given the opportunity to meet the amazing staff at the hospital and also got the privilege to meet Linda Meaney, one of the managers in the medical ward and also the matron Ann Gibbons. They were all so thankful for my donations and it was truly rewarding seeing what a little time and some donations can do to help people. It really was a memorable experience and something I wish to continue doing for the hospital.’

What a fantastic appearance, great work Marra!