Laila W, Miss Bury International, attends a beauty gala event!

Laila says “I was invited to a beauty gala event that was held at Debenhams. The manager, Kathy was kind enough to allow me to receive a mini make-up makeover and the opportunity to host the most exciting part of the evening which was the raffle event. After having my make-up done by Benefit and having been given some great make-up tips by the ladies, I spent the evening encouraging people to indulge in the 10% off beauty and fragrance deals and handing out free luxury goody bags. This also gave me and the people who attended the event an opportunity to tell them about the Miss International UK 2014 competition and my participation. I had so much fun with the staff at Debenhams and the people who attended the event all made the evening very enjoyable for my first appearance.”

Great work Laila!