Dr Zara Nortley is a new prize sponsor for the 2016 UK Power Pageant!

We have another fantastic prize sponsor for the 2016 UK Power Pageant! Dr Zara Nortley will be sponsoring the winners of Miss International UK & World Supermodel UK with a course of professional teeth whitening!

Miss Intercontinental England, Scotland, & Wales, and Miss Grand England, Scotland, and Wales, will also receive £100 off a full course of teeth whitening!

Dr Zara Nortley will also be offering all of the 2016 UK Power Pageant contestants 15% off a full course of teeth whitening and 10% for guests attending the final!

Dr Zara Nortley is a dental surgeon, who offers mobile solutions for safe tooth whitening and facial rejuvenation, including muscle relaxation, wrinkle reduction and lip enhancements across Greater Manchester and London.

After an assessment of your needs, moulds of your mouth can be taken in the comfort of your own home. She then constructs custom dental trays and prescribes a course of EU-approved whitening gels. The trays can be used indefinitely, providing they are well looked after. We find that, to maintain the shade, it is useful to re-use your trays every 6-12 months.

Being a beauty queen herself, Zara knows the importance of a confident smile, and is dedicated to restoring your faith in your own!

Email: DrZaraN@gmail.com

Dr Zara Nortley

Dr Zara Nortley