As you all know, we have been excitedly working hard to bring you a spectacular final for 2015 and we are thrilled to announce the details for next years’ final!!

The 2015 grand finals of Miss International UK & Miss Intercontinental England, Scotland & Wales will take place on July 18th & 19th at theĀ The Palace Hotel Manchester City Centre.

We are so excited to tell you that for the first time in the UK, we are bringing you a pageant with a PRELIMINARY COMPETITION!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with preliminary competitions, They happen at pageants all over the world. During the preliminary competition, all of the finalists take to the stage to compete in each round (swimwear and eveningwear). This is in front of an audience and the judges and this will take place on the Saturday evening.

On the Sunday, all finalists will have an interview with the judges during the day and these scores will be added to the preliminary scores. On the Sunday evening, all of the finalists will return to the stage for the grand final. Following a presentation of them all, the top 25 will be announced. The top 25 will then return to the stage in evening-wear & swimwear, these scores will be added to their initial results and will give us our four amazing winners!

In addition to our new preliminary competition, we will also have photoshoots, team building and our Be-YOU-tiful Bootcamp!

It’s time to get excited!