Congratulations to our Miss International UK 2015, Miss Intercontinental 2015 winners, and our very first World Supermodel UK!

Miss International & Miss Intercontinental UK 2015, and our first World Supermodel UK, were announced this weekend!

Our top 20 finalists and top 10 finalists were all amazing. It was such a tough competition, and so difficult to only crown 5 winners!

Top 20

Jade Foulkes, Anya Gould, Lauren Mcleod, Siana Hemmings, Kia Owens, Sophie Loudon, Sophie Gilmour, Nadia King, Joanna Johnson, Ashley Crane, Marra Louise Murphy, Rachel Altenburgh, Sinead Thompson, Taylor Stringfellow, Luisa burton, Sharon gaffka, Sarah Davies, Sarah-Jane Evans, Nicole Cox, Zara Ramsay-Nortley.

Top 10

Anya Gould, Zara Ramsay-Nortley, Sarah-Jane Evans, Siana Hemmings, Sophie Loudon, Kia Owens, Luisa Burton, Rachel Altenburgh, Taylor Stringfellow, Joanna Johnson.

Our Winners

Miss International UK 2015 – Sophie Loudon

Miss Intercontinental England 2015 – Anya Gould

Miss Intercontinental Scotland  2015- Rachel Altenburg

Miss Intercontinental Wales 2015 – Sarah-Jayne Evans

World Supermodel UK 2015 – Joanna Johnson

What amazing girls! We are so proud and excited for each of them to embark on this amazing new chapter of their lives! We know they are just going to have the best year and continue to make us so proud!

Congratulations girls!!

Photographs courtesy of Paul Carroll, Monsignor Photographic.